Public Relations


Events and Films



Building Dynamic Websites

Tikshoret has extended its services beyond writing content to designing and building dynamic CMS websites.

A Sparkling Investment

Tikshoret is promoting a new international investment product: investment diamonds

Need a Brochure Urgently?

If you need it fast, Tikshoret can write, design and print an impressive brochure in just 3 days! Ask us for examples.

Finance Specialists

Financial advisors and charity funding experts are turning to Tikshoret for their marketing expertise.

Branding New Products

Tikshoret is helping a Manhattan advertising agency to launch an innovative clothing brand for women, and assisting a jewelry company to promote a new romantic diamond jewelry range across the U.S.

Multi-Lingual Marketing

Spanish? Russian? Hebrew? Tikshoret designs marketing materials in all these languages and more.

Charity Begins Here!

Tikshoret designed, wrote and built a website for a new UK charity, free of charge!

The 10 Commandments of Effective Communications
  • Tell your staff and stake-holders before announcing it to the world
  • Don’t plagiarize (steal) other people’s text or images
  • Honesty is the best policy (spin can sometimes help)
  • Translations should be culturally sensitive
  • Transmit consistent messages across all media
  • Help people to find you on the web by optimizing your site
  • Use the advertising media that your target audience reads
  • Only communicate when you have something to say – but find something to say whenever you can!
  • Give potential clients just enough information that they want to hire you…
  • Always include your contact information: Sarah Manning - sarah (at)
Tikshoret is the Hebrew word for communications, derived from the word for connection, and it sums up everything that we do. We help to improve the connection between our clients and their target audiences. From branding and advertising to press releases, newsletters and website design, through to social media marketing and event organization, we see all aspects of marketing as part of a continuum. A well-coordinated approach to all your communications needs should help you to improve the performance of your entire business.

We look forward to communicating with you and working for you.